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Guinness at the airport

by on Sep.19, 2010, under everything

Airport security is tough. Guards, bomb-sniffing dogs, metal detectors, x-ray detectors. At least, thats how it is in the US. In Indonesia, on the other hand, things are a little bit more lax. And even though its a predominantly Muslim nation, apparently someone thought it would be a great idea to put a Guinness vending machine in the airport lobby at Surubaya International Airport. Amazing. Why dont we have these things here?

Vending machine at the Surubaya International Airport serving cold Guinness and miscellaneous juices.

Insert money here. Gladly.

20,000 Indonesian Rupiah for a Guinness?! Well, thats only $2.25, so yes. I will have one.

The fruits of my labor. Cold Guinness as I walk to my gate. Its at this point I realize that my flight leaves soon so I hurry to my gate, bags in tow, stopping every once in a while to take a sip of my beer.

Oh Crap! I have a nearly full beer, and I need to go through airport security. In the US, I would be arrested by Homeland Security on the spot. In Indonesia? The screener had me pass my beer around the metal detector, rest it on the x-ray scanner, and then walk through to pick it up on the other side. Amazing.

Victory! Through airport security with cold beer in hand. And the officer even took a photo of me with my camera.

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    • Simon

      sexy in so many ways. im going to kiss your shiny head next time i see you

    • Chris Adams

      Hi there

      I am a first year medical student at Michigan State Univ and I am interested in healthcare for refugees. I just watched your Transient video and it was very well made. I would like to hear more about your life and the steps you took to study refugee health during medical school, and your decision to go into surgery.


    • Jocuri Online

      “Intresting article. Thanks you very much for this wonderful share.”

    • Jeff Michaels

      Awesome! This is definitely what’s needed in our nation’s airports… why spend $12 on a tuna sandwich when you can get a nice cold Guinness?

      Happy St. Pat’s Day!

      Author of Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed

    • PassioneGirls

      Which Airport?
      I will definitely visit it this year.
      Happy New Year

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